Review – Movie – Ninja Scroll

This review is based on the DVD Collector's Edition, published in the United Kingdom by Manga Entertainment. Anime in the 1990s are sometimes a mixed bag. Several of them show their age through their animation or dubbing, but some remain great to this day. One of them is 1993's Ninja Scroll, a period action drama that … Continue reading Review – Movie – Ninja Scroll


Return to Submitting

I know, the title looks like a cheesy sequel. And that's the irony; it is. It's been some little time since I've been doing submissions on a regular basis. This isn't due to nerves, but due to the holiday season. Lasting from December through to January, it's pretty much a dead time for anyone submitting to … Continue reading Return to Submitting

Review – Movie – Traders

I don't typically like overt violence in movies, and most British small-scale movies have that weird greying effect that makes them look more depressing than they are. But there are a few British movies of that type I've watched and enjoyed. The most recent - and most unexpected - is the Irish-produced Traders. Currently available on … Continue reading Review – Movie – Traders

Y’ha-nthlei or bust…; Me and Lovecraft

If you want to see an earlier post on Blogger about my feelings towards the work of Tolkien, please look here. My relationship with H.P. Lovecraft is complicated to say the least. My encounters with his work was non-existent until I accidentally heard an abridged reading of At The Mountains of Madness on what was once Radio 7. … Continue reading Y’ha-nthlei or bust…; Me and Lovecraft

Review – Book – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Note: This review is based on an unabridged 8-CD reading by CoverToCover. Oscar Wilde is most widely remembered for his comic plays, which act as social satires of his time and contain some of the greatest witty dialogue ever put to paper. But Wilde's body of work also covers essays, short stories and novellas, the … Continue reading Review – Book – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Story Construction – The Line Between Influence and Cribbing

Taking inspiration from those that have come before is common practice for any author, whether it's the scholarly writer of non-fiction, or a writer of the most outlandish fiction imaginable. But where does inspiration end and cribbing begin. To be exact, when I use the word "crib", I'm talking about plagiarism, that career-destroying sin authors … Continue reading Story Construction – The Line Between Influence and Cribbing