So, introductions.

My name is Thomas Wrightson, an author forging my path through the world. I’ve been writing for around twelve years, ever since I started jotting down my private Bionicle fantasies in an exercise book while watching my parents building a large tool shed. Now I’m pushing to have my work published and selling, earning my living in a profession that – while admittedly challenging – is one I love and respect deeply.

On this website, I’ll be posting about many things from examinations of genre tropes to information about my latest work. I’ll also be publishing new work here, short stories and the like that you – the reader – will be able to view and judge for free. If you like it, then share it with all your friends so they can enjoy and support my work.

While my work covers multiple areas including adult fiction, I’ll be keeping my content as safe as possible for readers of all ages without compromising my own artistic needs and the requirements of the work. I hope everyone here has a great time.

As to what I’m currently working on, well….

1: Doing editing work on my completed dark fantasy novel The Leviathan Chronicle.

2: Working on other projects including a sci-fi novel, a second fantasy novel, and short stories within multiple genres.

3: Writing an adventure story in the vein of Tomb Raider and Uncharted, but without any of the former’s fantasy elements.

4: Pushing to get my work published.